The Golf Ad Network was formed in 2013 as a platform for golf advertisers to achieve critical mass through a targeted and controlled campaign.  Our network of category-specific regional and national golf websites can help marketers scale cost-effectively and reach a larger cross-section of golfers than would be possible with a single publisher or media outlet.

In the aggregate, the network is comprised of more than 750,000 subscribers, more than 1.8M total unique users and 4M page views per month.  We have helped over 100 brands reach their marketing goals.

The Golf Ad Network is a part of the Total Golf Resources group of marketing solutions for the golf industry. Through a variety of offerings that includes the Golf Ad Network, Total Golf 18 and Golf Game Central, businesses can reach their target audiences from across the country to across town.


  1. 1
    Is the Golf Ad Network a traditional ad network?

    While the Golf Ad Network has a large “network” of publisher sites, we serve mainly as a site representation company. Our inventory is flexible, and our focus is on targeted reach in the game of golf. We serve our advertisers with highly-targeted campaigns, unlike traditional ad networks

  2. 2
    How are you different than traditional ad networks?

    Normally, ad networks sell their inventory in bulk which means good reach and poor targeting. The Golf Ad Network’s flexible offerings and technology allow you to tailor your campaign to reach the intended audience in the right place at the right time. We can offer site-specific and channel-wide placements, geo-target by country, state, DMA, and zip code, getting you closer to the exact golf-related audience you need to reach

  3. 3
    Can have our ads show only on specific sites?

    Yes. If site-specific placements are appropriate for your campaign, we will provide placement options and develop a strategy to reliably deliver your target audience.

  4. 4
    How quickly can my campaign be set up?

    The Golf Ad Network can launch a campaign within 1 business day if all materials have been received.

  5. 5
    What kind of ad sizes do you allow?

    We support industry standard display ad sizes of 300×250, 728×90, 160×600 and 800×550. We can accommodate a variety of standard and rich media ad units. Due to our close relationship with publishers, we can make unique custom arrangements based on your needs. Destination URL, Alternate Text and Tracking Pixels can be used by our Ad Serving Platform.

  6. 6
    Do you offer reporting?

    Yes. the Golf Ad Network offers accurate, real-time reporting with every campaign.


The Golf Ad Network believes in working to the best in everything that we do. From the quality of our products to the delivery of customer service, we constantly strive to exceed expectations. We believe in maintaining our pledge to an ethical and honest work environment.

Our core beliefs are at the center of how we operate, and it is our goal to provide long-term value. These values are key to preserving the integrity on which the network was built. We pride ourselves on always keeping our clients, customers and partners best interests in mind.

  • INTEGRITY. We are strictly ethical in our behavior as well as honest and open in all our communications.
  • PASSION. We are passionate about our work and assume personal responsibility for getting the job done well.
  • SERVICE. We will provide outstanding service, create value and build meaningful relationships with our clients.
  • EXCELLENCE. We strive for excellence in everything we do and are driven to develop new ways to provide solutions.
  • INNOVATION. We understand that our industry is driven by innovation, and we constantly seek to enhance our offerings.

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