As a participating advertiser with the Golf Ad Network, tell us what type of golf audience you would like to reach, and when you want to reach them. We can be as precise or as broad as you would like. The following criteria are just some of the ways we can assure that your ad campaign is targeted correctly to achieve its maximum effectiveness.

  • Run of Network – Display your ads for the most complete reach.
  • Geographically – Utilize data such as state, DMA or zip code.
  • Time of Day – Tell us when you would like your ads to be seen.
  • Content – Choose specific placement or positions on a page.
  • Customize Targeting – Develop a specific targeting strategy.

From a $500 to $5,000 budget, we can help you customize your specific targeting strategy to achieve your marketing goals, whatever they may be. Contact us to find out how we can help find your audience!


Highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and customers, turning buyers into loyal, raving fans.


Targeted online banner displays can be used to drive traffic and build brand awareness that improves recall and engagement.


Online advertising campaign is applied to a collection of websites without the ability to choose specific sites.


Online advertising in which payment is based on qualifying click-throughs. Search engine advertising is a popular form.


Avid golfers are becoming savvier than ever, and they are constantly presented with new options for every part of their game, from rounds, to equipment, to courses, to vacation destinations and beyond. With City, State and Region opt-in email lists, you can create an effective, focused email campaign that reaches the avid golfers you need.

205352Carolinas Region (NC, SC)
71746Mid Atlantic Region (VA, MD, PA, OH)
67499North East Region (NY, NJ, CT, MA)
123551Most Active Listing (10+ Per Year) (Transactional)
45818South East Region (FL, GA ,AL, MS, LA)
104261Travel Active Listing (10+ Per Year)
223771Travel Valid(Authenticated)
58659Great Lakes Region (MI, IN, IL, WI, MN)
64459Equipment Active (10+ Per Year)
158169Equipment Valid(Authenticated)
56493West Coast Region (AZ, CA, OR, WA, NV)


We support industry standard display ad sizes of 300×250, 728×90, 160×600 and 800×550. We can accommodate a variety of standard and rich media ad units. Due to our close relationship with publishers, we can make unique custom arrangements based on your needs. Destination URL, Alternate Text and Tracking Pixels can be used by our Ad Serving Platform.

Medium Rectangle Banner 300x250
Leaderboard Banner 728x90
Half Page Banner 300x600
Takeover Banner 800x550

While the Golf Ad Network has a large “network” of publisher sites, we serve mainly as a site representation company. Our inventory is flexible, and our focus is on targeted reach in the game of golf. We serve our advertisers with highly-targeted campaigns, unlike traditional ad networks.

From a $500 to $5,000 budget, we can help you customize your specific targeting strategy to achieve your marketing goals, whatever they may be. Contact us to find out how we can help find your audience!

SOME OF OUR NETWORK PARTNERS provides golf enthusiasts a multimedia mix of golf articles, photos, podcasts, golf videos and more. is a travel‐oriented network of state-wide sites featuring a course directory, destination guides, reviews and golf packages.

Golfweek’s digital network allows advertisers to connect with a largely unduplicated audience of avid golfers through its multimedia offerings.

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