The quality and reach of the golf-related sites we represent is what allows us to build successful relationships with our golf advertisers. Publishers who decide to become a part of our network, can expect to discover the benefits of partnering with the Golf Ad Network, and maximize the value of their highly targeted content.


Highly respected golf advertisers and targeted campaigns generate high CPMs for your valuable online ad inventory. We have partnered with quality golf-related websites and will sell your site inventory at increasingly higher CPMs based on the level of targeting: Run-of-Network (untargeted), channel specific (targeted), and site specific (highly targeted).


Small websites or targeted content areas may not generate enough traffic to attract advertiser interest. By combining websites that possess similar content into a single, highly-targeted golf-specific channel, the Golf Ad Network can offer advertisers great advertising opportunities with increased traffic and highly-specific reach.


Through the Golf Ad Network representation, you will save the cost of recruiting, training, and maintaining an in-house sales force to sell your valuable website ad inventory. We work closely with major agencies and golf advertisers that purchase online ad placements, making it easy for us to include your website’s audience.


    *Accepted Banner Sizes:
    300x250728x90160x600800x550Other Size (List Below)


    Our goal is to maintain pure, relevant, golf-specific content for each of our channels, and accept only the best publishers who seek our representation. Participation as a publisher in the Golf Ad Network is based on a few basic requirements. Compliance with these site basics will allow us to send your individual web site the most highly-targeted advertising possible, and increase your revenue earning potential.

    To be considered for Golf Ad Network representation, publishers must have highly targeted, relevant and regularly updated content, a professional website design and an active user database. Publishers must be able to provide monthly data on unique visitors, page views and click-through ratios when applicable.


    1. 1
      Why is the Golf Ad Network the best representation company for my website?

      The Golf Ad Network is completely focused on putting quality golf advertisers together with avid golfers. We offer reliable payments, free ad-serving technology, a dedicated account manager, and up-to-date, real-time reporting.

    2. 2
      How does the Golf Ad Network pay for campaigns that run on my site?

      The Golf Ad Network pays publishers 50% of all revenue we secure for your site.

    3. 3
      When will I be paid for the impressions allocated to the Golf Ad Network?

      Payment terms are Net 30. The Golf Ad Network will issue and mail you a check 30 days after the last day of the month during which your site generated more than $100 in net revenue.

    4. 4
      Can I control the content and type of ads that appear on my site?

      Yes. You can control the content of ads by declining certain categories of advertisers, or by blocking specific advertiser domain names.

    5. 5
      What ad sizes and placements does the Golf Ad Network support?

      We support industry standard display ad sizes of 300×250, 728×90, 160×600 and 800×550. Due to our close relationship with advertisers, we can make unique custom arrangements based on your needs.

    6. 6
      What type of Zone Tags for coding to your website does the Golf Ad Network support?

      We can provide Async JavaScript, JavaScript, Iframe, Image (Basic), JSON Ad API and AMP through our Ad Serving Platform. If you are not sure which you use, contact your webmaster.

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